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Duolingo is an application for learning foreign languages. This program will allow you to significantly improve your knowledge of the language and to speak fluently on various topics. Many foreign languages are represented here and the learning process takes place in a playful way. It is worth noting that the learning process is developed by a special technique that allows you to learn new words and phrases in a game form. Short but intense lessons allow you to visualize many words and understand their meaning. 

A simple game form contributes to the quick memorization of various phrases, sentences and corrects pronunciation. It is worth noting that the language learning program is completely free so you do not have to pay for anything. Special audio recordings of the conversation of native speakers will help you perceive the foreigner’s speech by ear. There is also an achievement system that will help you reach your goal as quickly as possible. It is a kind of motivator for each user.

The Extensive Database

The application contains many interesting educational processes that will allow you to discover many new things for yourself in the process of learning a language. The game form and easy process of memorizing various phrases and sentences will make this application the best option for students and schoolchildren. You can quickly learn the necessary material and speak with a native speaker without any restrictions. This is a simple and easy to understand application that does not take you much time to learn. All you need is 5 minutes a day to learn a lot and get basic knowledge in any field.

App Features

  • application for learning foreign languages on Android;
  • game form and achievement system for each language;
  • simple and short exercises for vocabulary formation;
  • audio recordings with speech of native speakers;
  • daily updates and free training.
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