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e Aadhaar

Unique Identification Authority of India
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Android 5.0 and above
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e Aadhaar is an application for collecting demographic data of residents of India. Users can rely on Number Holder profile download, Biometric verification, TOTP generation and QR / eKYC procedure. The Android application is designed to secure and collect user demographic data in one database. The software package was created in collaboration with UIDAI, which guarantees citizens and residents round-the-clock access to relevant data. Now your name, surname, photo and other personal data will be in second access.

Such a software package is perfect for people who want to get quick access to all legal and demographic information of a personal profile. Just a few clicks, and you have a detailed statement. It is convenient for technical and legal aspects. Residents of India can receive documents and confirm their identity in one click. This Android app significantly accelerates various bureaucratic processes.

Choose the Function

The main feature of the application is multitasking. You will definitely enjoy the ability to switch between different languages. Information is available to all residents of India. Demographic data is collected in one place, which simplifies the work of many state institutions. The convenient menu is divided into categories. You can quickly switch between options, choosing the necessary activities. Many actions can be confirmed through a QR code or SMS message.

App Features

  • the UIDAI Android application for demographic data;
  • support for up to 3 profiles and many languages;
  • convenient interface and list of basic functions;
  • the Aadhaar Number Holder for quick verification;
  • a complete collection of data on residents in a convenient format.
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