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e gree is an application for Android that helps you to create and sign different kinds of legal documents. 

Protection of your interests 

To start using this app you need to enter your mobile number and an account will be created automatically. After this, it's necessary to sign Terms and Conditions and you are ready to start. 

You can choose a type of agreement you need and create it using templates. When the document is signed by both parties it gains legal power and you can use it if anything happens. 

First of all, you can protect your idea from stealing or disclose business secrets and protect it.

If you are going to the date or have an online relationship there is also an agreement for this that will protect your privacy and document the consent. Also, it's possible to prepare terms for your wife or your husband before the wedding. Even if you are going to leave your partner it’s possible to set some rules for the parting process. 

If you have employees who have access to the important information you can also sign a Non-disclosure agreement with them right in the app.

Moreover, you can make a bet with your friend and ensure that it is kept from his or her side. In the case you get in a minor auto accident you can reach an agreement with another party right on the spot. 

There is also an opportunity to protect the privacy of your event or party. Prior to it, you can send special forms to all of the guests, pre-made with the help of the application. It will ensure that they won’t share photos and videos on social media like Instagram.

Saving money on lawyers 

It's much cheaper to use this app than going to professionals, as there is no legal fee. Of course, it won’t help you with some serious legal troubles, but it works if you need to ensure and protect your privacy or solve some minor problems. 

All templates available in the application are created by experienced lawyers and can be used in the court if such necessity comes.


  • creates documents that solve different legal issues;
  • only a mobile number is needed to create an account; 
  • you can protect your privacy and ideas;
  • it's possible to set terms for relations;
  • free download for Android.
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