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Android 5.0 and above
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EasyJet is an application for buying and booking airline tickets online. Now you can use your smartphone and save your cards. Manage the various nuances of the flight on Android, add the necessary seats, baggage, and other options. A quick registration allows you to save a photo of your passport on your phone and not get a paper copy. Also, you can save up to 5 boarding passes and easily use them by boarding a flight. Each user can also track the location of their luggage and aircraft in real-time. Now you will always know where you are flying. 

It is a convenient application that includes many options and allows passengers to learn the many nuances of the flight. Many exciting opportunities will help you at the airport. Now you can track the time intervals of flights and buy tickets online. Your electronic card will always be with you on your smartphone. Just provide an image with a QR code so that the flight attendant can scan and verify your ticket. The flight of each aircraft displayed on an online map. You can use WiFi onboard the plane to track your location and watch your arrival time.

All-in-one App

Thanks to this application, you can easily manage all your tickets, and track the current location of the aircraft. A multifunctional system allows you to store the most important documents and electronic tickets for five passengers. This application will help you buy tickets for the whole family and abandon the printer. Now you can manage all flights thanks to the mobile app.

App Features

  • an app on Android with mobile boarding pass;
  • book flights in one click & manage your seats;
  • convenient flight tracker & check-in system;
  • all flight details and destination time;
  • convenient and straightforward design without unnecessary elements.
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