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Sunny Lighting
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3 Mb
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Android 4.2
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Edge Lighting Colors is an Android application to create RGB backlighting on display.

Frame customization

This free utility is designed to customize the start screen. Each user can customize the graphic effects and color scheme. Users can select several types of lightning colors. The app has the edge colors that are similar to the Samsung phones.

Settings allow you to choose the width of the frames and their shape. A live wallpaper section is also available. It is worth noting the ability to adjust the frame for cutouts in various places on the display

Thanks to the bright backlight, you can turn on lighting on your phone and read various books. The utility allows you to replace the flashlight and use the screen frame if the LED flashlight on the main camera does not work. The utility also consumes more power than the display, so you should consider this nuance.

The app options

Users can also turn off the animation on demand and adjust the overall brightness to reduce the battery discharge rate; despite this factor, the application does not consume a lot of RAM. 

It means that you can use the utility while the web search, YouTube, and other services. It can minimize the screen backlight and look at the page in the browser or on the main menu without additional graphic elements.


  • application for setting color frames on the screen;
  • edge customization and animations;
  • live wallpapers are available for free;
  • minimum RAM consumption;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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