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Elementum Inventory

Elementum SCM, Inc.
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Elementum Inventory is a modern application that will allow you to track your inventory in the supply chain and gain various advantages through online contracts. Here you can negotiate with suppliers of equipment, find out the relevance of equipment and reduce the risk of depreciation. Thanks to a special supply chain, you can establish new personnel access to your equipment and determine stocks of goods in the warehouse. Choose a different region and type of material and also negotiate the owners for further cooperation. 

This application will help you solve many business processes and organize the right supply chain for further professional activity. The application includes various options for tracking your inventory items and helps to solve many financial issues. Convenient interface allows you to switch between different settings and view detailed reports. Here you can find out where your inventory is and use special diagrams for transit needs. Now you can record in one application and monitor the status of your inventory.

New Way of Business

Thanks to inventory tracking and quick decision-making, you can reduce financial risks and its time to deliver depending on the region. Now you can always track the location of your inventory and can quickly influence sales growth. Set up supply chains and get the opportunity to diversify risks. Now no one can interfere and you get a stable profit and do business with leading companies in your region. Use electronic charts and spreadsheets to track the performance of your work every day.

App Features

  • check your inventory by product, region and other filters;
  • keep your supply chain moving;
  • get ahead of your stockouts;
  • here you can reduce risks;
  • obsolete inventory and find the suppliers.
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