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Ello English Study

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Ello English Study is an application for learning English. Here are a lot of lessons, rules, and grammar nuances that will help you correctly learn English.

Everyday Studying

Learning English is a difficult process that can be incredibly difficult for foreigners. Nevertheless, if you have the right and convenient application, you can achieve significant results in a short period. This Android application contains effective English courses to help you learn a lot about grammar, punctuation, and pronunciation. 

Here you can watch video lessons and repeat after the teacher. Start learning English with a short introduction and choose the minimum level. Gradually you will be able to rise in the hierarchy of your knowledge and learn new information. Listen to audio recordings with native speakers to understand the principle of constructing sentences.

One step to Fluent English

If you are disciplined to study all topics and listen carefully to mentors, then after a while, you will significantly increase your level of English. Repeat for native speakers and learn the correct pronunciation of some words and phrases. You can also improve your grammar skills and progress every day. 

The exercise has simple tasks that are easy to perform every day. You will not spend a lot of your time, but you can organize the educational process accordingly. Use the detailed English tips and rules to design sentences that will be understood even by native speakers.


  • free Android application for learning English;
  • rules, language nuances, and learning tips;
  • watch instructional videos and listen to dialogs;
  • fully automated process with a gradual complication of tasks;
  • Improving the level of English by covering various topics.
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