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Android 4.1
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Emoji keyboard is designed to add new emoticons and stickers to the daily communication of users of social networks. This Android application includes various themes and automatic text correction. 


The free keyboard allows you to add new graphic elements during communication. There are sections with thematic emojis, stickers and animations. Stylish themes for changing the background of the keyboard allow you to diversify the daily typing. The ability to correct errors and accelerated typing contributes to comfortable communication in any Android messenger.

Emoticon sections are regularly updated with original content. This allows you to add new graphical elements daily during communication. The developers took the time to improve typing. Now users can type with fewer errors. The keyboard does not take into account border pressures, fixing only the exact hit of fingers in the center of the virtual keys. Use it and enjoy conversations.


Users can select their photo for the keyboard background. You just need to select the current image from the library. The keyboard itself can also be customized to fit your fingers. Increasing the width of each key will help increase the accuracy of text input. In combination with intellectual text correction, this option helps to reduce the number of grammatical errors during communication on social networks.


  • free keyboard with stickers and emoticons for Android devices;
  • more than 3000 pictures in the library and new themes;
  • support for 150 languages and automatic error correction;
  • stylish interface and flexible settings;
  • the ability to choose your own photo for the background.
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