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2C TV is a universal application for watching African TV channels. Here you can select different channels and broadcast formats. Thanks to the exclusive technology of adaptive digital broadcasting, you get more than 19 channels in the highest quality. Use the parallel interface to switch between different channels and watch TV for today, tomorrow, or the whole week. A convenient menu allows you to change settings, control volume, or brightness. You can always monitor the video quality to select the appropriate resolution.
Adjust the picture or switch between different modes to enjoy sports competitions, political talk shows, exciting and informative programs, and other content. There are many entertainment and news channels that will allow you to learn a lot from the life of Africa. Use the option to cast the image to your TV screen. It will help you watch television programs on the big screen. This Android format is suitable for large families who want to view content together.
African Online TV
To watch all channels of high quality, you should issue a monthly subscription. You can set up an automatic renewal of a subscription every month or manually pay for each transaction. The primary functions of the application allow you to get acquainted with the possibilities of online broadcasting and watch a few minutes of airtime. You can familiarize yourself with the broadcasting format of television channels and the overall quality of the broadcast. Thanks to this option, each user can determine the form of the subscription and the use of the application.
App Features

  • Android application for watching African TV channels;
  • 19+ channels in high quality and subscription system;
  • broadcast control, volume and brightness settings;
  • the TV program and schedule of sporting events;
  • convenient interface and informative menu.
Android, Android+
Android 5.0
2С Digital Media Ltd.
16.5 mb
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