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BPay is an application for mobile banking on Android.


BPay is an application for mobile banking on Android. Users can quickly register and use transactions in one click. Now all your financial transactions are in one application. Make quick transactions, buy various goods or pay utility bills. You can buy goods in online stores and send money to your friends. Add accounts and personalized offers in order to get more profitable information.
You can send money anywhere in the world without commission. Now you can connect any account in the application and get access in one click. Each user also has access to a qr-code system. It allows you to make payments, pay for goods and services, as well as other banking operations. Find all the possibilities to get great options online. A simple and intuitive interface allows you to understand everything functional in a few minutes. You do not have to deal with additional functions for a long time, because everything is very intuitive.
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A secure channel with encryption provides maximum protection for each wallet. You can make financial transactions for any amount with a minimum commission. It is very beneficial because it allows you to make quick transactions in one click. Now you do not need to use other banking applications as it contains all the necessary data. Fast payments and the ability to pay utility bills allow you not to worry about everyday expenses. A personal account contains all the necessary information to receive financial services in one click.
App Features

  • banking application on Android;
  • fast transactions around the world;
  • setting up personal data and connecting accounts;
  • utilities and shopping in one click;
  • analytic capabilities and notification system.
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