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A super practical novel reading APP
FicRead-Read For Fun! English novels update every day!
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Gather is an event discovery app for consumer shows in your area.
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Free Offline dictionary & Thesaurus -3 in 1 eng ,spanish & french 150000 words
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Free comprehensive science dictionary and encyclopedia with 100,000+ terms
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دعای جوشن کبیر به همراه متن و صوت دلنشین استاد فرهمند
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Offline & easy-to-use. The NIV Bible is the fastest Bible app available.
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Xhosa Bible fully designed with both new and old testament.
Dua e Jamela is free precious gift for muslim world with basic islamic points.
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Retrieve the synonyms, antonyms and related terms for every word.
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Fall into Fantasy Dream & Web novels.
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FFF FF Skin Tool for Entertainment!
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Romance Novels vs Werewolf Novels - Good Stories!
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Original prediction for dream team 11.
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Fully Translated Zulu Bible With Both New & Old Testament
Everyone reads and writes chat stories!
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Türkmen dilinde pygamberliň ýaşaýşy/hekaýaty suratlar hem wideolar bilen.
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Kerim Gurbannepesowyň "Oýlanma baýry" atly ajaýyp kitabynyň android programmasy.
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Constitution of Turkmenistan - Türkmenistanyň Konstitusiýasy (rejelenen görnüşi)
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Training for beginners!
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Türkmen halk nakyllary
Offline phrasebook for English learners and travelers
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10 şahyryň şygyrlaryny özünde jemleýän şygyrlar toplumy
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Jennette we Jähenne baram books in Turkmen language
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Labor Code of Turkmenistan - Türkmenistanyň Zähmet kodeksi
3.2 mb saýtyn is gidýä.
Turkmen Russian Translate is an online dictionary and translator
Dinimizi öwrenmek üçin gerekli maglumatlar.
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English-turkmen and Turkmen-english free offline dictionary
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Russian-Turkmen & Turkmen-Russian free offline dictionary
Türkmen dilinde peýdaly kitap Lukman Hekimiň iň peýdaly masalahatlary jemlenen !
Meditate and reflect to the Way of the Cross / Stations of the Cross
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saves time for visitors and helps them to request services via their smartphones
Gufhtugu is the largest Urdu book-selling platform
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Essential software for reading novels and listening to books
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All the Guidance is Covered in this app to get Diamonds Game
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Islamic App
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أفضل تطبيق لختم القرآن الكريم في المدة التي تريدها - Your Daily Quran Reader.
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আল-কুরআন বাংলা অর্থসহ ও নির্ভুল নামাজের সময়সূচী, কিবলা লোকেশন দেওয়া হয়েছে।
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Diyanet ezan saatleri ücretsiz ve internetsiz. Ezan alarmi ile kerahat vakitleri
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প্রতিদিনের সাহরি ও ইফতারের সময়সূচী, বাংলাদেশের যে কোন জেলার দৈনিক রোজার সময়সূচী
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Offline ad-free line can be read with Turkey MFA.
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