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A cake baking game for kids!
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Let's make rainbow ice cream together!
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Spend a day in My Kindergarten by BabyBus! A great learning experience for kids.
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Babysitter and Baby care in this educational game for kids and girls ! help mom!
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Grow fruits and vegetables, and take care of farm animals.
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Come to the Baby Panda's Town and experience 8 different dream jobs!
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Be a chef and run Little Panda’s Restaurant.
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Join fire rescue and learn fire safety knowledge.
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Go shopping, enjoy the spa, and have fun!
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Grocery store and city mall shopping games for preschoolers & kindergarten kids.
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Baby Panda's Party Fun is here! Come and join in!
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Learning games for preschool kids and toddlers (3+ years)
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This game teach kids caring his teeth, and also taking care of babies and pets.
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Breakfast cooking game for kids!
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your little friends need your help now, can you please take care of them ?
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Serve customers at the supermarket and let them enjoy shopping.
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Act as a babysitter and experience the fun of taking care of babies.
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Funny Game: Be a Prankster with your Neighbor, Mr Grumpy Marmot! Fun Prank Joke
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Picnics, Camping, and Outdoor Adventure! Join little panda’s camping trip!
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Lullaby game for kids - wish good night to cartoon heroes Masha and the Bear
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Cuddly little kittens in the cat home, dancing, playing and mingling with you.
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Learn numbers, colors, animals, sound- educational phone games for toddlers.
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Have fun while learning with Vlad and Nikita educational games!
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Toddlers games for 3 year old with smart baby shapes - early education for kids!
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Toddler car games for boys! Kindergarten play and learn! Tractor, cars for kids!
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It's vacation time and we need to catch a plane! Fly with us to the destination.
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Lots of holiday safety tips to keep you out of danger!
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Educational kids games for Kindergarten, pre-k & Preschool children and Toddlers
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Kid E Cats educational games for children from 2 to 6 years old. Meow-wow!
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Racing game for kids with Vlad & Niki. Monster trucks and cars for boys
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Learn home safety tips with baby panda!
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Let Preschool Kids learn and play with this fun games for babies and toddlers
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Learn safety knowledge with baby panda and develop good habits!
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Fun math games for preschoolers to learn and practice maths multiplication.
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Fun way for toddlers & preschoolers to learn numbers, counting, & tracing.
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Our alphabet games with ABC phonics are great for learning letters and sounds!
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Supermarket game for kids. Educational search items and funny shopping
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Five major daily habits every child should learn!
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Learning about earthquake rescue with little panda.
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Be creative and get rich colors by means of color mixing!
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Make fantastic clay creatures
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A super hairdresser Game for kids and little girls ! help the hairstylist !
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