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Your Child's First Instruments App - No Accounts, No Ads
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Fun and educational piano game for kids or everyone to learn to play the piano.
31.8 mb
A simple Montessori inspired educational xylophone
9.6 mb
Professional Trombone is a great music application for you.
3.4 mb
Play your favorite children's songs in a xylophone or in a piano, made for kids
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Professional Tuba is a virtual music instrument application.
5.3 mb
Educational app. Learn the musical instruments
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Your Child's Second Instruments App - No Accounts, No Ads
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Real piano keyboard and musical instrument app. Save and share your music as mp3
29.8 mb
A simple piano simulator without any ads
23.4 mb
High quality songs and cartoon images at the same time as their small size
25.8 mb
Fun, melodic and simple first piano for kids
18.3 mb
Learn to Play Pink Piano, Pink Guitar and many more Pink musical instruments.
51.8 mb
Create your music with real piano cat sound, instrument and mp3 recorder cat pia
31.9 mb
App to make children play with the music and learn the musical notes.
5.5 mb
A collection of children's songs with cartoon photos
17.4 mb
Animal kingdom with Sounds of Birds, Sounds of Wild animals & Sounds of Insects
59.1 mb
Games, Vehicles, Alphabet, Numbers, Songs & Animals sounds - Baby Piano & rhymes
50.7 mb
Electronic instrument for kids with xylophone, piano, guitar, and drums.
8.7 mb
Real Guitar Band - Chords & Tabs Acoustic&Electric guitar,easy music game🎸
47.3 mb
Electric & Acoustic Sounds, Ultimate Chords & Tabs
64.7 mb
Piano Music Tiles: Magic Tiles is a dreamy music piano game!
91.5 mb
Start a finger dancing game, enjoy music and beat balls.
85.3 mb
Can you hear me?
66.7 mb
Rhythm action game, O2Jam
69.6 mb
Be a Magic Pianist: POP & Classic Songs
63.5 mb
3, 2, 1 Go! Ready for Beat Fight, feel the rhythm and drop the mic
142.6 mb
3-Dimensional Rhythm Music Game - Take your skills to their limits
81.6 mb
Paradise of parkour & rhythm game — Muse Dash!
74.2 mb
Guide two orbiting planets along a winding path by tapping perfectly in rhythm
45.0 mb
Create your own music with the help of a merry crew of beatboxers!
54.5 mb
Start your own band, tour the venues and become a superstar!
34.5 mb
Bring your music collection to life as you embark on a career in the industry!
29.4 mb
Learn guitar chords
23.5 mb
Beat Shooter the music rhythm game. Beat Shooter EDM Music & Gun Sounds
48.3 mb
Beat Pipe is a On Pipe 3d arcade game with music edm for everyone
46.6 mb
2021 Superb EDM music games with GUN sounds & Spicy songs! Enjoy music feast!
30.9 mb
Guess the song game with millions of music lovers!
80.2 mb
Play unique fnf cat dog songs and special gameplay you cannot find anywhere
58.5 mb
Drop the beat and we are gonna rock this Friday Night. Feel the rhythm!
161.0 mb
Beat Battle of Saber and Blade
68.4 mb
Auth standard dance game!
25.2 mb