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Unichem & Life pharmacy connected medication management app
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UNRWA Electronic Maternal Child Healthcare Handbook
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Your personal health record in your hand
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Gemotest Telemed - a platform for online medical consultations
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check your symptoms and analyze your medical lab tests and consult with doctors.
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Dr. Abad is a virtual land of medical sciences, where it is composed of different sections
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NeoBox - key information on the use of Low molecular weight heparin
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Yonsei University Medical Center Gangnam Severance Hospital is a convenient mobile application When you install The following services are available.
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Nursing diagnoses NANDA NOC CIE-10 NIC for professional students and exams books
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Tool that provides communication with patients and provides services.
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ICT-based system consisted of application and web to learn lifesaving skills.
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Application to access the medical guide of health plans Funcesp - Digna Sabesp
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Querying the Pregnancy Category and Lactation Use of Active Substances
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Online prescription in minutes
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The world's first hypnobirthing-friendly surge timer & virtual birth partner
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Squeezy - the NHS Physiotherapy App for Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises
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Mobile application for patients of the network of clinics "Mother and Child"
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DobroDok + a new way to get medical care - consult a doctor online
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Online Medical Consultation from 80.00 reais per Consultation.
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This is a mobile application that allows you to conveniently use Chonnam National University Hospital. By installing the app, you can receive the following various services.
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This application includes functions such as calling number by voice, queuing to see a doctor, checking current number in real time and so on.
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wowNice :for hearing loss people to connect with people and entertainment again.
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Provide stretching classes and muscle strength exercises to introduce correct and safe stretching skills and methods to relieve and prevent pain problems!
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Framework updates and bug fixes
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One probe, whole body imaging
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This App bring you the CT Scan of the Brain.
The official app for WHO’s consolidated guidelines for HIV treatment and care.
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*Free 30-Day trial: Concise evidence-based outlines of conditions and disorders
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The AiDEX App can be used with the AiDEX Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.
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EM:RAP provides all the education you need for your Emergency Medicine career
Cigna Insurance Middle East members covered with “Smartcare by Cigna” plans
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SI Patient allows patients to access radiology results done at Somerset Imaging
Medical Education
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Blood sugar monitor app - food diary & glycemic index load
MyMerlinPulse™ is a mobile app for use with an Abbott implanted heart device.
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Mobile EMR for Columbia Asia – For Doctors only
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For Post-graduate exams/ MRCOG II-III/DRCOG + Practicing clinicians in O&G.
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An App that can Educate or Saves Lives Using Adult Hands-Only CPR!
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Screening for Thalassaemia made easy.
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Clinical practice guidelines for nephrology
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hearLIFE NET is a Customer Management System designed for medical care centres
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