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Track and care for your baby. Feed Baby Pro unlocks all features in LITE.
18.5 mb
Empower parents to easily monitor and manage children’s Windows device usage
4.6 mb
A baby sign app that communicates with children who can't speak the language yet.
Find a reputable sperm donor near you to help you have children
★ Check whether the Hangul five elements of Hunminjeongeum are correct. ★ Korea Naming Education Association official certification application
The free app that revolutionizes everyday family and school life!
See the location of the child by GPS, parental control of the phone and watch
Baby nanny near you. You will find a nanny quickly with us!
Interaktivni vodič za roditelje kroz odrastanje malog deteta
47.5 mb
Bible stories for children in the Sinti dialect
ParentApp for customers at childcare centers that use Proles Software
MyChapp: The app for childcare
The Question Parent App is aimed at the communication needs of a question parent.
BabyManager is the app during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby.
App at Step Up, Step Up and Home Owners' Association
Caps app
COES application
👌👌 Kids sleep with quiet music and songs dedicated to this and without the net 💕💕
Our neighborhood maternity/childcare/child/mother's goods second hand market
Let's touch and learn numbers with multilanguage voice!
Lionelo Smart is a user-friendly baby monitor application
Yongsan-gu child care support center app in Seoul.
Happy parenting city to share happiness! Yeoju Childcare Support Center is with you.
Maybe you have a labor pain? A timer app that can measure and count fetal movements. A must-have for pregnant women who are about to give birth! Rest assured that you can call a taxi or hospital immediately during labor.
A must-have fashion app for parenting moms who dress well in baby clothes
**・長野県千曲市公式・** 母子手帳の記録をスマホでサポートする、『千曲市子育て応援アプリ』が登場しました。 機能が満載でとっても便利にご利用いただけます。
You can search for child-rearing information, toilet / nursing room locations, and child-rearing facility events in the 4 cities and 2 towns (Kanazawa, Hakusan, Nonoichi, Kahoku, Tsubata, and Uchinada) that make up the Ishikawa Central Metropolitan Area.
Pledo AI block learning management of our children and various communication with children through the Pledo parent app!
Barter Baby Goods Instant payment of 20,000 points
From 0 to 12 years old, from children's clothes to supplies, a must-have app for children's shopping
Find babysitters across Japan
Automatically link PHR information! Easily manage infant health checkups and vaccination information.
BabyTribe is the 1st app for pregnancy and the first year of the newborn.
Accompaniment in the conscious use of the smartphone for parents and children.
It is an application for parents of smart care child.
Mite born from the voices of 190,000 parenting moms and dad appears as an app! You can easily record songs and pictures you enjoyed with your child.
Dolcenanna helps you track your baby's sleep day and night.
More than 300 bedtime stories for listening.
8.0 mb
It provides information to parents, social workers and health care professionals.
Your no-nonsense guide through pregnancy and beyond.
Nin-Nin the all-in-one portal to make life easier for parents