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ChallengeLab is an Android application with the ability to pass the tests.


ChallengeLab is an Android application with the ability to pass the tests.
App content
The utility is interesting in its abundance of content for a wide audience. Here, users can test their knowledge in various fields. Also, informational collections on many topics are concentrated here. The main part of the questions has more than 10 themes. It also has few difficulty levels, social & cultural topics.
Users are provided with graphic content and several answer options. You can select one or more answer options. The utility contains various test results with a detailed description of your personality portrait and certain skills. All tests passed are highlighted with special marks. The results can be shared on social networks and instant messengers.
Application nuances
The free version provides access to a limited amount of content. If you want to complete several tests, then you need to view the ad unit. Typically, commercials last no more than half a minute. The paid version allows you to disable ads and pass all tests without restrictions. The control of the utility is quite convenient, so users will not have any difficulties.
The main disadvantage is the overly obsessive advertising messages. Sometimes they overlap part of the function buttons for a period of 5 to 10 seconds. The utility also displays advertising content on the lock screen or in the tray. It can bore users. It is worth noting that offline mode is not provided.

  • utility with a set of tests on various topics;
  • the ability to publish results online for friends;
  • weekly database update with questions;
  • the application has a free version with limited functionality;
  • full compatibility with current versions of Android.
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