Confidential Policy undertakes to protect user privacy online. We do our best to protect users' personal information and hope that this leads to credibility in terms of accessing our website. The main point of our privacy policy is to inform users about the types of information may gather about them while visiting the website. Users have an option to learn how we possibly can deal with this data, whether we share it or not. Our website offers the latest advantages of internet technology and provides users with relevant content based on their preferences. Thus, by starting to use the website, you agree to our privacy policy and terms of use as well.

The way we gather information and use technologies
The following describes how we collect the information and our technologies work.


The cookies we use are meant to be placed on your mobile device and computer in the form of text files which then may identify your browser. Stored on the memory of your device they communicate with our servers only when you visit the website. The main purpose of using the cookies is to improve the quality of They give us a clear picture of how many visitors have been on a certain page of our website and so on. Cookies also provide us with the opportunity to optimize the website so that our users can get the best experience. The browser you are using may inform you about these cookies and possibly accept it, yet you have an option to block them in the setting if you want. However, note that not allowing cookies to your device may cause certain defects in some features of our website. In addition, third parties that put advertisements on our websites have the opportunity to place their cookies on your mobile device or computer. Certainly, these cookies are regulated in accordance with privacy policy and terms of use. Thus, these parties may have access to such information as numbers of clicks on a certain page, type of the browser and what kind of ads the user views most while visiting This kind of information is non-personal and only helps the companies to provide relevant advertisements that might be of interest to users.

Device information gathers information related to browsers, mobile phones, computers and other devices which may get access to the content in order to be sure that the website is optimized for these devices.


We give permission to our third party analytics to gather users information via cookies and web beacons. As mentioned before, such information includes only clear statistics of how many clicks users make, search parameters and so on. This information is collected only to improve the quality of the website and offer users the content based on their preferences. It is worth noting that such analytics do not identify users.

Log files

Moreover, our website automatically logs some anonymous information about users while visiting our pages. Thus, it allows us to find out where a user came from, IP address, search parameters, type of the browser and history of viewed pages.

Third party ad networks and social networks hopes its partners and advertisement companies will respect the privacy of the users visiting the website. However, we inform you that third parties such as our partners, advertisers and other providers of content of which is available on our website, may have their own privacy policy as well as terms of use. In other words, when you click on the link provided by third parties of ours, you have to review their terms and policy, especially if it comes to allowing them to have access to your personal data. It is worth noting that is not liable to users for any content provided by its partners, advertisers and other content suppliers. This also applies to the terms of use and privacy policy of above mentioned third parties. The technology of showing ads by our partners includes cookies which allow them to collect some of users information, preferences for example. does not control the use of such technology and is not responsible for any policy or actions of third parties. So, once again, please study the privacy policy and terms of use of such third parties before getting access to their content.

Changes in privacy policy

It is only up to to change or update the rules in Privacy Policy at any time the website administration would like to do. You can get the information about the latest changes and updates via our posts or by checking Privacy Policy on a regular basis.


If you have any questions regarding our website Privacy Policy, please, contact us