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This is the official application of the E-TWOW community. Use this app to configure and control your E-TWOW Electric Scooter*, but also to keep up with the latest developments in the world of electric mobility. The application allows you to connect your smartphone to the electric scooter using Bluetooth Low-Energy capabilities.

With our application you can:

-search nearby devices and connect with your scooter;

-choose between the metric and the imperial measuring system;

-view the battery level and the scooter's speed;

-view the total distance traveled;

-control the LED light;

-set the maximum speed limit;

-toggle zero start function;

-lock the scooter(anti-theft function).

-view the scooter’s speed in real time

-keep up with the latest news regarding E-TWOW scooters as well as the most relevant news in the world of electric mobility.

-browse the latest E-TWOW vehicles and compare their specifications.

-receive relevant notifications that will improve your riding experience.

*The application is only compatible with the E-TWOW GT 2020 SE electric scooter with Bluetooth module.
Android, Android+
57.6 mb
Jul 18, 2020
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