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eBoox new is an Android application with the ability to read books. The utility supports importing settings and many document formats.
The utility has a convenient interface and supports seven of the most popular formats. Users can add new books from the device’s memory or SD card. The utility also recognizes file archives and can extract books for further reading. It adapts to the diagonal and screen resolution. You can scale the font and change its parameters.
It quickly switches pages, sections, and books in a shared library. Users can customize the background and bookmark pages. This utility allows you to export files and data from previous versions and unpack it on a new device. Users can adjust the backlight level for comfortable reading day and night. The library contains predefined books for beginners. It helps to get acquainted with the capabilities of the utility and join the works of classics of world literature.
Catalog and Guides
All books are displayed as a list with cover pages. Users can sort them by selected criteria. There is also a bookmark manager for switching between individual parts of books. Beginners can use the instructions. It contains a user manual and book reading tips. Despite the support of a large number of book formats, the application does not work with PDF and DJVU. A convenient and concise interface can significantly reduce the time it takes to find the necessary book.

  • application for reading electronic books;
  • bookmark system and font customization;
  • support for various formats and archives;
  • users can download it for free;
  • the utility is compatible with current versions of Android.
Android, Android+
Android 4.1
28.0 mb
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