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FaceApp is a fascinating Android application that allows you to change the age of the photo.


FaceApp is a fascinating Android application that allows you to change the age of the photo. Create an elegant look in 20, 40 and 60 years. Thanks to a special machine learning algorithm, you can see your approximate appearance in old age. This is a great option for those who want to have fun solo and with friends. You can also see how you look like a man or a woman. Create a unique image that will appeal to you and your friends. You can always share the finished result on social networks.
The program will analyze your facial features will change the interface in order to create an interesting look. The application will allow you to quickly change the style, add new hairstyles, makeup and facial hair if you are a man. Add a smile or Hollywood facial features to look more beautiful. This application will create for you a magnificent image that is worthy of the Venetian film festival.
New Options
The application contains many settings and machine algorithms that allow you to change your photo beyond recognition. You can add various graphic effects, makeup or hairstyle to create a new stylish image. This application will help you experiment with your appearance and see how you will look in the future. Certainly this option is one of the best because it will allow you to simulate your intended appearance. Experiment and add various graphic effects to find the perfect style for you. This application will help you determine a lot of stylistic features and change the photo beyond recognition.
App Features

  • android application for photo editing;
  • change age and gender with one click;
  • a set of filters and settings to improve the appearance;
  • add a Hollywood smile in the photo;
  • settings for changing hairstyles or beards.
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