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Firefly is an application that uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology to revitalize animals from paper pages on the screen of a portable device with the Android operating system. Pay attention to the fact that the program works exclusively with Firefly coloring pages. Without them, installing the application does not make much sense.
The program was created for entertainment purposes and is extremely easy to use. You just need to launch the application and point the camera of your smartphone or tablet to the coloring page marked with a special icon.
It is important to note that before “reviving” the characters in the camera lens, they need to be painted. Otherwise, the program will not work. This is done in order to “spur” the child to finish the drawing and after that to test the application. In general, even adults will like Firefly. Animated three-dimensional characters that appear on the screen of a portable device, very uplifting. In addition, you can play exciting games with them.
Some characters emit sound effects – be prepared for a sudden “bark” or rustling snow. The volume of effects can be independently adjusted in the Firefly settings section.
Important information
The version of the application that is current at the time of writing this review contains a bug. Because of it, new users cannot activate the program using a special code. Unfortunately, there is only one solution to the problem – wait for updates.
App Features

  • allows you to “revive” the characters in augmented reality (AR) on the Android device screen;
  • gives you the opportunity to play with a three-dimensional model;
  • only works with Firefly colors;
  • requires pre-coloring the image before hovering the camera;
  • has the most simple and intuitive interface.
Android, Android+
Android 5 0
Digital Oxygen
73.3 mb
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