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Firefox is an application for Android that allows you to browse the internet and use various helpful tools.


The app is one of the most popular and trusted browsers in the world on a par with Google Chrome, Opera and others.
Once it is installed, you can start visiting websites and use several tools straight away. However, to get access to all available features, you have to create a personal profile, which is completely free.
There is the ability to save any page to the Bookmarks tab and use quick access to load it the next time. You can also always see sites that are visited the most often on the main screen of the app.
It is possible to see the history of your actions and sites you have visited. Moreover, you have the ability to manage your downloads and choose the directory where all the files are saved.
The developers promise that the app is protecting your privacy and the safety of your personal data while you are on the web. It automatically blocks trackers and malware, so you do not need antivirus software.
Furthermore, there is the ability to enter an incognito mode. Once it is turned on, the history of your action is not saved and you get almost complete anonymity. However, it does not work as the VPN and you do not get the opportunity to visit blocked websites.

  • allows you to visit websites on your phone;
  • there is the ability to save favourite sites to the Bookmarks tab and get quick access to them;
  • you can see history of your actions and search for something there;
  • it is possible to download files and manage this process;
  • there is protection from malware and trackers;
  • lets you visit sites in the incognito mode;
  • free download for Android.
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