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Futurescope is an application for Android that can predict your future using different methods.


Futurescope is an application for Android that can predict your future using different methods.
Horoscope and Face aging
When you open the app for the first time it will ask you what zodiac sign you belong to. You have to choose one and you will get prophecies based on it. Your choice can be changed in the settings at any time.
At the Horoscope section, you can select the subject that interests you the most. There are Health, Career, Love and Money. Also, you can get a daily prognosis, or weekly, monthly and yearly.
To gain full access you have to upgrade to the premium version, but it’s possible to use it for free by watching in-app ads or to start the demo period.
The Face aging feature lets you see how you will look in the old age. You have to give the application acces to the camera of your device and take a selfie. It will be automatically transformed and you will see a picture of your self in the future. It works like any filters you can find in apps like Facetune2.
Palm reading and knowing your animal
There is an opportunity to find out your destiny by taking a photo of your hand. The application will analyze lines of fate located on your palm and generate a detailed prediction based on them. This process is called palmistry and considered to be one of the best ways to tell person’s feature.
Moreover, you can take another selfie and know what your spirit animal is. It will guide your through the life and bring you luck. The app shows you a special mask on the screen in which you have to fit your face. When it’s done just take a picture and search for the animal will begin.

  • tells your future based on different methods;
  • you can read your horoscope;
  • there is an opportunity to see how will you look in the old age;
  • scans your palm and tells your destiny;
  • free download for Android.
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