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Read & Listen to Success:
Have you ever wondered how you can effortlessly recite a song you have listened to a few times but may have difficulty remembering paragraphs in a book or exam materials you have read many times? It has been a long-established fact that listening is a superior way of learning than reading. When you combine listening and reading, the act of learning becomes a whole lot easier and much more impactful. GỤỌ is here to make learning a breeze by letting you learn at your convenience. With GỤỌ, you can choose to only read or only listen or do both read and listen to your fun books, textbooks, or your exam materials. You can do these while you are doing other things like travelling or just lying down. GỤỌ is for all ages and very user friendly. Try it today. Are you reading for fun or have an exam that you want to pass with flying colors? Or maybe you just want to acquire knowledge. Make GỤỌ your gateway to it all and have fun doing so.
Explore the World.
GỤỌ lets you read or listen to stories, books, newspapers and magazines about the people, places and personalities of the most remote places in Africa to the high rises in large cities in USA all within the app.

Navigate to it all:
• My Profile is all about you.
• My Bookshelf is everything you downloaded to read or listen to.
• My Favourites are everything you love.
• Audio Books links you to books read by the author(s) or their hand-picked reader.
• Invite to GỤỌ lets you invite with friends and family.
• Settings is for you to choose the voice you want to hear, a dark or light mode.
• GỤỌ Links get you to exotic websites.
• Help & Support are there for everything you want to know about us or for assistance.
• Sign Out only if you must.

Listen while you play or rest:
You may be checking things out in your phone, riding a bike, hiking, camping, travelling while listening to your favourite textbook, exam materials or novel playing in the background. Relaxing? Read or just listen to it all.

Gift a GỤỌ:
Help a less privileged child with a Gift of a book or exam material and he will grow into knowledge and success. Gift a book or anything in GỤỌ to a loved one, family or friend and put a smile on their faces!
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