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Jugl is an Android application with the ability to earn money on tasks.
How does it work?
The free application allows users to earn money by performing various actions. For example, you can get money for watching ads, taking surveys, adding publications on social networks, and visiting various web resources.
The developer company pays a fee in the format of its currency. Users can withdraw days by converting them into US dollars or euros. The withdrawal format includes bank cards, e-wallets, and PayPal. Payments are made within 24 hours of processing the request.
Referral program
Users with a large audience of subscribers on social networks can participate in a referral program and earn money. The local currency is credited to your account after each registration of the invited person. The number of referral partners is not limited. Payment is made only once for each person who has your link.
A daily visit to the application and completing tasks gives users additional bonuses. Parts of the tasks are paid a little better for active users. The utility has the likeness of a social network with the ability to publish content.
Developers are willing to pay users who will create successful channels with a large audience of subscribers. More views guarantee daily cash bonuses and extra bonuses. The utility also offers users entertaining content and the opportunity to have a good time while watching a video.

  • service for making money on advertising and completing tasks;
  • withdrawal of funds within 24 hours from the moment of request;
  • referral program for earning on new users;
  • the utility is available for free download;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
Android, Android+
Android 5.0
JuglApp GmbH
50.7 mb
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