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Junk Clean, your personal phone cleaning assistant, a must-have tool for phone cleaning acceleration!

With Junk Clean, you will get a caring robot phone cleaning butler!

Junk Clean is a professional and completely free mobile phone acceleration and space cleaning software. Powerful acceleration makes the mobile phone run more smoothly, one-click cleaning quickly solves the problem of insufficient space, and perfectly solves the problem of mobile phone freezing!

Keeping our phones clean is our number one priority. We have a number of functions to escort your mobile phone performance, say goodbye to stuttering!

✔ Clean Cache Junk - Clean system and app cache to free up phone space.

✔ Clean Installed App Packages - Installed app packages no longer take up space.

✔ Clean Uninstall Residuals - Clean up residual files of uninstalled apps

✔Close apps that have been consuming phone resources in the background to speed up your phone.

✔ Analyze CPU usage and monitor apps that cause your phone to heat up. Close apps you don't use in the background and make sure your phone doesn't heat up!

✔Junk Clean helps you find the most battery draining apps in your phone. Close less frequently used applications to save battery power.

【Mobile phone acceleration】No longer worry about the fact that there are always a lot of automatic startup applications in the background, instantly release the phone memory, and no longer have to worry about the phone being stuck.

【One-click cleanup】Garbage Cleaner helps you clean up your phone cache and trash, one-click cleanup of useless trash, and phone cleanup is more worry-free

【Power Saver】Analyze your phone battery usage and monitor apps that are not in use but consuming data.

【CPU Cooler】Monitor the applications that cause the CPU to heat up, and reduce the CPU temperature with one click.

【APP management】The software is easily uninstalled, and the residual junk files have nowhere to hide.

☆ Large number of servers, high-speed bandwidth
VPN is fast! It brings a high-speed and encrypted VPN connection to your smartphone. You can watch streaming videos/content without buffering. can reduce ping and accelerate games after connection.

☆ Free and no usage or time limit
You will get access to unlimited VPN proxy service for FREE. One tap to set up the fast & stable connection without paying. Easy to Use, just press a button and connect .VPN works with Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, 3G and all mobile data carriers.

Description of Junk Clean:
▶ No other personal data about you (such as username or email address) will be processed.
▶ Junk Clean will keep your data safe according to the Privacy and Cookie Policy and will not share your data with anyone else.

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Android, Android+
Town Sen
27.5 mb
Aug 27, 2022
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