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KESMALL PRIVATE LIMITED | KesMall is a secure and convenient loan platform for Kenya Citizens.
KesMall is a secure and convenient loan platform for Kenya Citizens. Customers can get qualified loan products on smart phones anytime. If you are embarrassed to borrow urgent money from friends, KesMall would like to help you get through the hard time.

Advantages of KesMall
1.100% online process & 24x7 access to loans: Only with one mobile, Customers can apply a loan anywhere anytime.
2.Computer automatically reviewed: Customers get the review result soon and once approved, loan amount will be immediately disbursed to user’s bank account.
3.High initial loan amount and long loan tenure.

To get loan from KesMall, users need to be:
1.A Kenya Citizen
2.Between 18-60 years old
3.With regular source of income

Product features:
1.Loans Amount: Kes. 2,000 to Kes. 100,000
2.Loan Tenure: 91 days ~ 365 days
3.APR: Up to 30%
4.Service fee: 1%~8%
Please be noted: No membership fees No Origination Fees No Rollover Charge No Transaction Fees.
Example: If the loan amount is ₹20,000 and the interest rate is 20% per annum with the tenure of 180 days, and the services fee is 6%, after deducting the processing fee, the interest payable is as follows:
Interest = ₹20,000 * 20% / 365 * 180 = ₹ 1973
Service fee = 20,000*6% = ₹ 1200
You will get ₹20,000 and should repay ₹23,172
The monthly payment would be ₹23,172 / 6 = ₹3862

Steps to apply a loan on KesMall:
1. Download KesMall App from google play store and install.
2. Register an account with your mobile number.
3. Fill in basic details.
4. After the submission, the final result will be shown in the APP. If approved, user will receive a text message via SMS and loan amount will be disbursed into the M-Pesa account.

KesMall promises to keep users’ personal data safe.

Any questions about using KesMall, please Contact:
Customer Service Email:
Address: Harambee Estate house H-14 Laibon court
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