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The Sam McCauley App has been designed and developed to empower the patient, allowing them to order their prescriptions, particularly repeats, saving the patient time and additionally providing access to the dispensing records held by their pharmacist.

How it works
The Sam McCauley App has been proven to work in conjunction with the dispensary management system in Sam McCauley Chemists. Once the patient enrolls with their local Sam McCauley pharmacy and the registration process has been completed in the pharmacy, the patient is given a unique code to unlock the Sam McCauley Chemists App. They may use the App for themselves or for another individual who has given them permission to do so, such as an elderly family member, or it they are a professional carer.

The App allows patients and their carers to manage their medication by providing a direct link to their local Sam McCauley pharmacy as well as the ability to message their pharmacist with queries about their medicines and re-order their prescriptions.
It provides access to their medicine history, useful if attending a different GP or in an out-of-hours emergency, and provides notifications when prescriptions are ready for collection as well as medicine reminders.

The patient or their carer completes a Patient Registration form, produced in the pharmacy which is specific to each patient. The patient then downloads the App, and can avail of the many features of the Sam McCauley App.

The benefits
The immediate benefits of the Sam McCauley App is that it creates a channel of communication between the patient and their Sam McCauley pharmacy, giving them access to their dispensing history and control over their ordering of repeat prescriptions.

• Current medication
The patient or carer can order the medication items that are on ‘repeat prescribing’ in their pharmacy, and these will automatically be notified to the pharmacy and placed on the work schedule of the dispensary, ensuring that they are prepared and ready to be collected on the date that the patient has indicated.

• Prescription History
The patient or their approved carer can view their prescription and medicines dispensed history.
This feature is particularly useful if the patient needs to access emergency or out-of-hours care, or when on holiday as it gives other health care professionals a full and clear view of the medication which the patient has been prescribed.

• Pharmacy details
The Sam McCauley App also provides the patient with contact details and opening hours of all Sam McCauley Chemists. Patients can also take and send a photograph of any new prescription, thereby speeding up the time that the patient needs to spend in the pharmacy waiting for the prescription to be filled.
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