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Join Mellow today and experience blissful moments and joyful calm, through inspiring art matched to your unique taste.
Mellow is designed to bring pleasure, tranquility, and inspiration through a custom-tailored selection of artworks and images delivered straight to your phone.
Not only does Mellow bring you inspiring fine art from museums around the world, but it also showcases works by up-and-coming international artists that are not readily available on other platforms.
Relax with a range of artworks, including:
* Painting
* Drawing
* Sculpture
* Ceramic
* Photography
* Graphic arts
* and much more
Exceptional artists found on Mellow include:
* Vincent van Gogh
* Claude Monet
* Pierre-Auguste Renoir
* Contemporary artists
* and emerging artists
Each day Mellow will deliver uplifting artwork based on your preferences. Mellow makes it easy to save your favorites too.
* Daily Mellows: Mellow learns your distinct taste and delivers up to 10 daily art images that refresh and delight.
* Discovery: you can now browse through and discover more artworks outside your daily Mellows
* Search and follow: search for artworks according to the artist and follow your favorite artists and enjoy their artworks anytime.
* Sharing artwork: share the artwork you like and invite your friends to join in an art escape with you!
* Support artist: support your favorite artists on the platform by donating vibes conveniently using in-app purchase.
* To be a Mellow Artist: apply within the app to be a Mellow artist and manage your profile all within one platform
Android, Android+
Mellow Inc.
47.0 mb
Oct 8, 2021
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