Muscle Booster

Muscle Booster


Muscle Booster is an Android application that helps you lose weight or gain muscle mass.


Muscle Booster is an Android application that helps you lose weight or gain muscle mass.
Training plan
This Android application will help to create an individual statodynamic training plan for an effective result. Choose the type of training and their intensity. The menu has a section for homework and training complexes. Costly athletic equipment is optional. The training plan allows you to significantly maximize the current physical condition of any novice athlete.
Most exercises include working your own muscle corset. Use the graphical guide to complete the approaches correctly. In a special table you can track the stages of the training plan and track progress. Train with static loads and interval reps. Reproducing the appropriate instruction will strengthen the understanding of the overall process.
Types of Workouts
Some classes are provided for free. Choose complex exercises or working out near group muscles. For example, you can concentrate on biceps, triceps or deltas. Particularly effective exercises for the legs and back. All presented exercises maximize muscle growth.
They allow you to learn the principle of contraction of muscle fibers and choose the intensity of classes. Another feature of the training plan is the ability to add statodynamic push-ups and inclinations. Use complex weights, starting a hybrid load on the body. In general, the application allows you to quickly select the most effective workout plan.

  • fitness app for all athletes;
  • detailed training plan with weights and dead weight;
  • free classes and advanced subscription;
  • choose athletic intensity among training plans;
  • full compatibility with current Android versions.
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