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Stepz is an Android app with a pedometer option and physical activity statistics.


Stepz is an Android app with a pedometer option and physical activity statistics.
Step counting
The utility allows you to control the distance traveled during the day and get detailed statistics. You must click on the start button on the main screen of the app. After that, the step calculation algorithm will receive data from the built-in gyroscope. It also provides detailed statistics on daily physical activity and generates a report.
In addition, a weekly and a monthly table is available to users. The utility calculates travel time, average speed and calories burned. You can set records and will remember the highest statistical achievements. Since all data is processed using a gyroscope, users do not have to turn on the mobile Internet. All data is based on the hardware features.
Themes and Motivation
Users can change color themes. In total, 13 options are available for customizing the start screen with data. The utility also motivates walking and daily physical activity. Pop-up notifications remind people to take a walk or take a few jogs on the sports field.
The only caveat is that the application may not work correctly in the background. You can lock the screen, but not the utility. This may stop counting steps and leave you without daily statistics. Another caveat concerns false positives. You can lie on the couch and shake the phone, while the utility will count the phantom steps. As a result, you can walk a lot.

  • pedometer with the option of automatically calculating the distance traveled;
  • achievement system to motivate users;
  • calorie counter and average speed;
  • the utility is available for free download;
  • the application is compatible with current versions of Android.
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