Pocket Option Broker

Pocket Option Broker

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Pocket Option Broker is an Android application with the ability to trade binary options.


Pocket Option Broker is an Android application with the ability to trade binary options.
Currency pair trading
The utility is an official client of Pocket Option Broker. Traders can use the application to trade currency pairs, cryptocurrency, and company shares. A total of 150 assets are available. The trading window contains a live chart and options for technical analysis. Indicators and oscillators are available. Also, you can configure the trend line and to create a price channel. The application receives quotes with minimal delay, which is convenient for short timeframes.
Demo account
You can try different strategies without spending real money. The utility contains a demo account for training. If it ends, then you can restore it and try again with a new strategy. To gain access to the trading terminal, you must register an account.
Beginners can activate the bonus offer and create a risk-free transaction for free. It will allow you to test your own strategy on a live account. In case of failure, the trailer does not lose anything and can adjust the strategy.
Strategy selection
The application has training materials describing various strategies. This allows users to choose a trading model and adhere to money management. Beginners are invited to video instruction and the ability to search for terms in the glossary.

  • application for accessing binary options
  • live chart with oscillators and trend lines;
  • one risk-free transaction available for free;
  • training materials and videos with strategies;
  • the application is fully compatible with current versions of Android.
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