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PUPBO is the official app for controlling a robotic dog.


PUPBO is the official app for controlling a robotic dog. If you purchased this “electronic” pet, then you know that a special “smart” bone and voice commands are used to control it. But, in fact, it is much “easier” to communicate with a dog through a mobile application for Android. From it you can execute any of the twelve previously studied teams and even customize the nature of your puppy. Unfortunately, for training a puppy you still have to use the previously mentioned bone.
After you have inserted the batteries, turned on PUPBO and trained it in commands, you can proceed to install the program on your Android device. If at this stage there are problems, then check out the video tutorial from the manufacturer.
After the first launch, the program should automatically “find” PUPBO, which is nearby. If this does not happen, go to the “BIOS” section and press the “SYNC DATA” key. Yes, the local graphical shell, unfortunately, has not been translated into Russian. After the synchronization is successfully completed, you can start playing with the dog. Just do not turn off the speaker.
Using the PUPBO application, you can execute any of the available commands: “Sit”, “Walk”, “Play”, “Sing a song”, “Run”, “Bad dog”, “Good dog”, “Come to me”, “Go sleep “,” Spin “,” Attack “and so on. The program also makes it possible to track the current level of “development” of your four-legged friend and choose new names for him. In general, the application’s interface is quite simple and straightforward, and you can download it for free.
App Features

  • automatically “synchronizes” with a nearby PUPBO;
  • allows you to execute all available commands;
  • allows you to change the name of the pet;
  • displays the current level of “training”;
  • works with all current versions of the Android operating system.
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