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R Bharat is an Android application that gives you access to the news and information of the leading Indian TV channel. Check out cultural, sports, and politics news. Now you can always keep abreast of current events and learn about the life of India and the whole world. Use live mode to follow the latest news. Here is a lot of new information to help you learn more about India and current political trends.
Watch live chat with politicians, business people, and public figures. There are many interactive communication options so that you can keep abreast of current trends. Read news and get the latest news in the world and India. Also, here you can watch various television debates and live broadcasts. Enjoy vertical videos and view data on the political activity of the country. This app will help you to get the latest news in India. It is worth noting that the application has a convenient interface and a quick information retrieval system. It will allow you to find the information you are interested in the app quickly.
News & Videos
All information submitted in video and text format. You can watch short videos with various news feeds. Enjoy access to up-to-date information, and receive data on all events in India. It is your guide to the world of the political, economic, and social life of the country. Watch interviews with famous people, enjoy analytical programs, and get information about all the events in the country. Now you will keep abreast of all developments. Get reliable information from the most reputable source in India.
App Features

  • the Android news app for residents of India;
  • watch the latest news, read articles and watch live broadcasts;
  • a lot of sports, politics, economics and more themes;
  • online chat and live streaming mode;
  • user-friendly interface for quick data search.
Android, Android+
Android 5.0
Republic World
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