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Rencanamu is an excellent application for those who are going to graduate.


Rencanamu is an excellent application for those who are going to graduate. Here you can plan the future of value and look for an exciting job that will help you find your place in this world. Conduct a series of tests that will help identify your talents, future potential, and a tendency to a specific type of work. Thanks to it, you will receive six psychological assessments, and you will be able to find the most exciting field of activity.
It is worth noting that here you will receive a college education program, the ability to choose your preferred specialties, and travel planning. Use the manual to pass independent exams and gain new knowledge. Use the rating system and calculate particular recommendations for admission to the university. Here you will find a lot of exciting information and a guide to receiving scholarships. It will allow you to learn more successfully and get daily motivation.
Your Future Career
Also, the application contains detailed information about the future career and recommendation system. It will help those people who are in college or have already completed their studies but are not ready for their next career growth. There is also a section that will help with finding a job and finding the necessary work. Keep in touch with new opportunities and get a monthly internship. This application will allow you to see future work and plan your next professional activities. Use the recommendations and advice of developers to follow your dream and get a professional education.
App Features

  • application for choosing a profession;
  • training details, tests, and certificates;
  • search for new events and internships;
  • the ability to pass several professional tests;
  • job search system for graduates.
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