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Shopify is an application for Android that lets you manage your online store with your phone.


Shopify is an application for Android that lets you manage your online store with your phone.
Creating an account and getting started
To use this app you have to own a shop on the Internet. At the first launch, it’s necessary to create a profile with detailed information about yourself and share the domain name of your business.
When all is set up you can start using this application. To begging with you can add products you sell, specify their prices and characteristics. It’s possible to enter shipping information here and attach pictures. Also, you can add gift cards and arrange collections of certain products.
After all needed items are added you can proceed with a design. You can choose between different free themes, buy more or upload your own and customize your store in the way you like.
Now your shop is fully optional and you can start working. There are convenient tools to control the stream of clients along with detailed statistics prepared individually for you.
If you have some spare time you can find many useful advises and articles on the home screen. All of them consider business and instruments you can use to improve it. Along with it, you can find blog posts on different subjects like trading. It can be helpful if you are using apps like
When you start using the app you have 14 days of free trial and then you have to pick a suitable plan. There are three options you can choose from Basic, Standard and Advanced. They have different transaction fees, available slots for staff members, locations and tools.

  • lets you manage your online shop with your phone;
  • you can add products you are selling;
  • the customizable design of the shop;
  • three different plans you can choose from;
  • free download for Android.
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