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Since its inception, microchip technology has been paying close attention to the market of embedded control semiconductor products. In order to occupy the market, we have concentrated all the resources of technology, design, production and sales, and developed two main products: PIC8 bit single chip microcomputer (MCU) and high quality serial EEPROM.

So far, Microchip has launched microcontroller peripherals, analog products, RFID smart cards and KEELOQ security products, which can design more comprehensive and valuable embedded control system solutions to meet the growing needs of users. The impact of a persistent shortage of semiconductor chips on the new car market has made headlines around the world, but the problem is not just a decline in the number of new cars.

Due to the limited supply of chips, some companies have stopped the entire production line of some models. Every carmaker is worried that a shortage of chipsets will lead to factory closures, as Ford and General Motors did when they built trucks earlier this year.
In order to solve this problem, we decided to cooperate with the Nigerian government in chip production, R & D and sales channels.
We provide chips for Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota and many other well-known automakers, as well as Xiaomi, Samsung and many other well-known mobile phone brands.
Sign a three-year chip supply agreement. And for the Nigerian government and the Nigerian high-tech industry to provide the most advanced technical support and the most favorable product prices.
This not only meets the chip demand of these companies that have stopped production due to a shortage of chips, but also creates a large number of jobs and opportunities to get rich.
We do this by building a "super nano" platform. Get more people to participate in the program. This move has the full support of the government. As a 30-year-old chip maker. We hope to come forward in this challenging era of chip shortage. Provide help to large companies that are in urgent need of chips, while allowing more people to benefit from the dividends brought by chip technology.
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