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Tinder is an Android app with the ability to meet people from your city.


Tinder is an Android app with the ability to meet people from your city.
The Application format
Tinder is for finding interesting people nearby. Here you can find friends, soulmate or partner for a short flirt. To search for users, you need to register and upload a few photos. Also, you should write any welcome sentence.
People are searched by automatic matching. The user sees the profiles of guys and girls in random order. The description contains age, place of work, hobbies and hobbies. If you like a person, you can rate him like and add to your favorites. Uninteresting profiles should be scrolled.
At the bottom of each account, the distance to the current user is displayed. This is convenient because you can plan a date with someone nearby. Part of the functionality is provided free of charge.
Gold subscription gives you the opportunity to raise your account to the top of the rating, evaluate more people and gain an advantage when using a personal assistant. The application will be especially useful for those who are embarrassed to get acquainted in real life.
Thanks to the text format of communication and photo sharing, users can overcome the first difficulties in getting to know each other and move on to the main phase.
How does acquaintance happen?
Each person likes interesting profiles like. If the person you like also noted you with mutual sympathy, then you can proceed to the dialogue. The system opens a chat window. Here you can get to know a person better or arrange a date in real life. Also, you can ask for more photos in the chat.

  • application for finding partners on the network;
  • the ability to watch custom photos;
  • likes and chat option for dating;
  • people selection system works for free;
  • the utility is compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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