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Viber is one of the most popular messengers in the world that provides you with the opportunity to chat with other people and share files with them.


The app has all the features necessary to make your online conversation as comfortable as possible. There is a simple and habitual interface along with a lot of available options.
Before you can start using it, it is obligatory to choose the country of your residence and enter the mobile phone number. After confirming it, you are allowed to create an account. It is worth mentioning that this app is available almost in all countries of the world.
You can browse the contact list of your phone and start a chat with any person who is also a user of Viber. If he or she is not using it, it is possible to invite them by sharing a link in Telegram or WhatsApp.
You have the ability to exchange voice or texas messages and call people via internet connection. There is also the opportunity to create groups and invite people there that can be useful for communicating with colleagues, friends or family.
Data and storage
The application provides you with the ability to send and receive audio files, videos, images and documents. You can save them to the internal memory of your phone or keep in the cloud storage of the app.
Moreover, it is possible to create a backup of all your conversations and setting. This lets you restore all information you had in case you delete the application or install it on another device.

  • lets you communicate with people from your contact list;
  • it is possible to exchange files with others;
  • you need to confirm your mobile phone number to access the app;
  • there is the ability to backup all your data;
  • free download for Android.
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