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You can translate overseas apps and websites while looking at the screen.
You can also translate these texts which is on videos and images that have been difficult to translate so far/.

This app can also be used to translate shopping rare products that can only be purchased from the app written in foreign language.

▼ Supported languages
Supports 140 languages ​​including English, Korean, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Japanese! All can be translated to English

▼ The secret is video translation!
Please upload a video you want to translate to this app. This app extracts the text in the video and translates it.
The translation results come out and you can read while watching the original text of the video.
You can quickly collect information in overseas apps and websites. as if you were watching a foreign movie with subtitles

There are other modes ...!
"screenshot translation mode"
This function enables you to translate photos and screenshots taken with the camera!
This app translates the characters taken with the camera or written in the photo.

▼ Recommended for these people
- App marketers and app operators who want to conduct market research on overseas apps and websites
- Those who want to enjoy stress-free shopping to buy products that can only be purchased overseas.
- Beauty lovers who want to see cosmetic surgery information and cosmetics information that can only be written with Korean ,Chinese,Japanese apps.
- Student who want to translate textbooks in foreign languages(only for practice! don't use this for your exam)
- For those who want to check a variety of overseas artists or variety videos of idols (K-POP, etc.) without waiting for volunteers to translate them, it is troublesome to translate overseas apps and sites!

Android, Android+
Android 4.1
9.8 mb
Jan 4, 2021
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