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Yoga VPN is an application for Android that allows you to connect to the blocked sites and improve your safety while on the web.


Virtual Private Network
It is possible to run the app straight after the installation is completed and get access to all its functions. You are not required to create an account and pay for the subscription like in Norton Secure VPN.
Before connecting to the server, you can choose from the list of countries to start your connection from. There are six basic options, along with more stable and stablest variants.
When a country is chosen, you have to tap the Go button, and the connection will be automatically established.
While using the VPN, you have the ability to visit any website, even if it is restricted in the region you are currently situated in.
Moreover, your connection becomes protected from malware and trackers. You also get almost complete anonymity.
Points system
The application is free for all users, however, there are points that you can earn and spend on some premium features. It is possible to use the stablest countries for connection and different levels of servers that influence the speed.
You have the opportunity to get these points by watching videos, opening the app every day, inviting friends and using promo codes.

  • provide you with the ability to establish the VPN connection on your phone;
  • allows you to visit websites that are blocked in your region;
  • it is not obligatory to register and there is no paid subscription;
  • it is possible to choose a country from the list of possible variants;
  • protects your privacy and personal information while you are using the internet;
  • there is the points system that lets you earn them and spend to get access to faster servers;
  • free download for Android.
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