English Tenses Book

English Tenses Book

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English Tenses Book is a convenient educational application that will help you learn English more effectively. It contains detailed information about English tenses and various pronunciation rules. Now you can get a more effective training course, study in practice various examples and receive additional information that will improve your skills. Study statistics, the choice of words and sentences, and read detailed information about spelling. 

Thanks to convenient test tasks, you can improve your knowledge and consolidate the finished result in practice. You definitely need to try this application because you can improve your understanding of all the rules, grammar and the correct structure of words. After that you will be able to communicate more effectively with foreigners and design your speech in accordance with the rules of the English language.

Start Learning Now

The application simplifies many learning processes and allows you to get detailed information in one place. Now you can devote 10-15 minutes a day to the educational process and receive Progress today. This program has a simple and convenient format for presenting information so that you can remember more data and achieve significant success in learning a language. Structure your tasks and track activity in charts and graphs. It is a key aspect that will help you achieve meaningful results and progress every day. Do not forget that all the information on the grammar and the correct English tenses will allow you to form a basic understanding and improve the current opportunities for communication with foreigners.

App Features

  • all tenses in a single app on Android;
  • user-friendly interface and sections for quick search;
  • tables and charts for a better understanding of the language;
  • walkthrough on building words and sentences;
  • an opportunity to speed up learning English.
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