Enlight Pixaloop

Enlight Pixaloop

Lightricks Ltd.
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90 Mb
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Android 7.1 and above
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Enlight Pixaloop is an application for creative people who want to create animated photos and edit content. This application allows you to create photo animations with various effects and customization. There are many options for improving photos and adding various effects. You can create animated files with moving objects; change the effects and graphic settings. Add atmospheric effects and various filters to make your photo look great. 

There are also many movie effects and the ability to create additional graphic objects in the photo. Use abstract animation, fire and other verses to express your emotions in the photo. There are many settings that will allow you to show your creative talents and create an animated photo. All you need to do is select the most interesting effect and combine the settings to create the best result. Start creating.

Create Something Special 

This application will allow you to realize your creative potential and improve your photos with the help of additional effects. There are many interesting options for experimenting and creating original graphic content. Use photos and extra effects to create animated loops. For example, you can create the effect of a moving cloud or a fireball. Any effect you create will have many animated elements. This allows you to create the effect of the action inside the photo. Edit various graphic elements and create unique masterpieces that you and your friends will like.

App Features

  • create animated photos and loops on Android;
  • free effects and graphic settings;
  • interface with settings and photo editing;
  • animated samples and ready-made templates;
  • a simple process for editing graphic images.
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