ES File Manager

ES File Manager

Rudra Technology
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8 Mb
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Android 5.0 and above
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ES File Manager will help you organize work with files on android. This is one of the best file managers that are currently available. You can quickly browse various content, play videos and music, and download archives. The application supports quick management of all data and the transfer of files and folders. Thanks to this, you can create an access point for data transfer via Wi-Fi or mobile network. 
Analyze data on your smartphone and transfer files in one click. Now you can get a really convenient interface that is easy to synchronize with cloud storage and organize file previews. Customize various graphic and sound formats. Use the document organizer and get all the benefits.

Great Android App

This program has one of the most advanced functionalities among all analogues. It is worth noting that you can delete applications or various files directly in the manager. Transfer data to a PC or clear the memory of your smartphone in a few clicks. Thanks to the built-in tool, you can archive files or open archives. Use detailed SD card analysis and manage the data manager to share files. 
It will allow you to quickly access your FTP client and share files in one click. This application is very convenient for everyday use and allows you to count on convenient functionality for daily copying files and working with important data. Now you can always quickly analyze the information received and change the file extension. Edit, delete or transfer files over the network.

App Features

  • file manager on Android;
  • synchronization with cloud storage;
  • fast file transfer via Wi-Fi and mobile Internet;
  • support for most audio and video formats;
  • work with archives and general access to directories.
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