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ESPN Fantasy Sports is an application for Android that is developed by one of the major sports channels in the US and provides you with an opportunity to create your own team and participate in the virtual tournament. 

How it works 

The app is accessible without creating a personal account, however, it is obligatory if you would like to get access to the main features. 

Once you have completed the registration procedure, you can choose the type of sport you like the most and start creating your team. There are football, basketball, baseball, and hockey available. 

You can play with your friends or join one of the popular American leagues and compete with other users. 

There are a lot of tools you can use to achieve a victory. It is possible to see detailed statistics about every player, trade them, and edit your lineup on the field.

You can also see analytics prepared by famous sports experts and make decisions based on it. 

Moreover, there is an opportunity to earn money by betting on the team that is going to win according to your opinion. You also can compete with your friend and other users by playing different quizzes that test your sports knowledge. 


As the app is developed by the TV channel there is the ability to watch games online with your phone. 

However, if certain software such as NFL, for example, provides you with the opportunity to watch live broadcasts for free, in this case, you are required to own a subscription. 

If you have some of the packages provided by ESPN, it is possible to access streaming on your phone and watch games online. 


  • provides you with an opportunity to create your virtual team;
  • there are four types of sports you can choose from;
  • you can draft and trade players during the season;
  • it is possible to bet on sports events and win money;
  • allows you to watch games online;
  • free download for Android.
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