EU Exit

EU Exit

UK Visas and Immigration
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Android 6.0 and above
EU Exit scan your faceEU Exit scan your face an image

Check Your ID

EU Exit is an Android application that helps you quickly check your ID card. It is necessary to stay in the UK. Such an application simplifies standard workflow. We no longer need to send paper copies or expect various documentary solutions. Just scan your passport or other documents to send your information. Use a face scanner, and you can upload your biometric data to our system. It is a simple feature that is fully automated. Follow the instructions to fulfil all current requirements correctly.

The program works as quickly and accurately as possible. It helps you enter all the necessary data in a few clicks and read the information from your card. Use the photo function on your smartphone to transfer essential information to the server. Thus, it will help you avoid paperwork and solve the many technical aspects of staying in the UK or the EU. Discover new digital data transfer options without the need for paperwork.

NFC & Proving Your Status in the UK

This program is convenient for everyday use and allows you to get all the advantages of mobile identification of citizens. Now you can always get the necessary package of documents and permission to be in the UK. Use the fast face scan system and personal data recognition. Now you can save time and transfer the necessary materials on time. The application menu and the overall functioning system are intuitive. You will not have any unnecessary questions about how to use this application on Android. Now you can solve all your technical and legal issues in just a few clicks.

App Features

  • the best identity check to stay in the UK on Android;
  • full NFC support to verify your ID’s;
  • simple interface to work with documents;
  • detailed FAQ system for users;
  • easy to use identification procedures.
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