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Android 2.3 and above
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Evernote is an Android application in which you can store all the important information. Evernote differs from similar solutions in that it does not limit the user in what content he saves in his account. Want to add drafts of your future stories to the program? No problem! Do you need to make several task lists or copy quotes from the network that you will refer to in the abstract or term paper? Evernote will help you realize all this in the best way.

You can attach media files and images, as well as PDF documents to text notes. One of the significant advantages of the application is the ability to scan important documents and store them in your account - this will help to avoid cluttering up the workplace with paper documents like extracts, checks and various receipts. Do not forget to mark created notes with thematic tags.


Evernote has all the necessary tools to enable users to conduct a common project in a comfortable environment. You can create action plans, outline presentations for the meeting, or simply discuss important work points in a special chat room where you can exchange documents.

The client synchronizes data between multiple devices. The user can work on notes from a desktop device, as well as from a portable one - a smartphone or tablet. You can start creating a note on one device, and then switch to another device and continue there. All information entered into the program is saved in your personal account, so you should not worry about its possible loss if the phone breaks. To protect data from malicious users, it is recommended that you set a password on Evernote.

App Features

  • create text notes;
  • you can attach audio, video, a picture and a document to a note;
  • the ability to work together on one project;
  • data synchronization between user devices;
  • allows you to set a password to prevent leakage of important information.
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