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Expeditions is an application that helps you create virtual tours and excursions for educational and entertainment purposes. Use smartphones with augmented reality to see an incredible journey.

New emotions and excursions

Many attractions and local tours are interesting for tourists and locals. This application will allow you to get a completely new experience in exploring the world. Using your smartphone and augmented reality mode, you can watch the most significant historical monuments of the world with detailed information and additional animation. 

The program can project additional information and interesting features that will allow you to go on a real virtual tour. Here you will see interesting features, new additional reality and you can learn a lot. The application supports virtual and augmented reality. Thanks to this, you can explore the world around you and become a real guide. Tell people about local attractions and use the alert modes.

Thousands of expeditions

The main advantage of this proposal is the huge number of ready-made expeditions. You can select various video tours and use the prepared materials to learn a lot about local attractions. Now you can plunge into the atmosphere of knowledge and new information. Even if you have seen a local attraction hundreds of times, you should try the virtual view mode. 

It will allow you to get new experiences and test modern technology. Use virtual and augmented reality to plunge into the world of the study of antiquities and enjoy the technological excellence of three-dimensional models.


  • application for exploring local attractions;
  • free virtual reality mode;
  • use your Android smartphone to communicate with the guide;
  • new facilities and impressive routes;
  • augmented reality mode on smartphones and tablets.
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