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F3 is an Android application with the function of free anonymous questions on social networks. People can find out what friends think of them and create personal messages.

How to ask questions?

All you need is to send a link to your profile to your friends or post it on a social network and wait until they write to you.

Personal questions are available only to you. Users are able to make this private information publicly available. You can ask standard questions or create your creative options. All questions asked to you disappear after 72 hours if you have not answered them. Subscribe and follow the answers of your friends or correspond with them in a personal chat.

Funny questions & Subscribing

The application is replenished with daily questions in automatic mode. To gain access to new original comments, you should share a link to your account with friends. It is worth noting the possibility of subscribing to popular users. 

Each user can feel like a successful blogger here. To do this, you often need to post questions and be socially active. You can make new friends and enjoy conversations. The overall goal of the application is to stimulate communication and increase the number of interesting bloggers.

Some questions are repeated too often, but people can create their examples. The question of the day is the most interesting option. It contains the most original jokes or provocative themes. Each user needs to answer questions most creatively and originally to become well-known regularly.


  • ask personal anonymous questions to your friends.
  • find out what others think of you and check the answers;
  • private chat is available for free;
  • the ability to add photos and videos to messages;
  • the utility is compatible with current versions of Android.
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