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Facetune2 is an application for Android that lets your edit your photos with different effects.

Face alternation options 

The app lets you take a selfie and improve it in many ways. This is a very useful tool if you are an active Instagram user. 

First of all, you can alter your facial expression and form. Enlarge your smile and change the jawline to the needed extent.

Then you can smooth the skin and get rid of unwanted details. Also, you can add a glow to it and use the conceal tool to cover the bags under the eyes and dark parts. 

With the reshape tool you can stretch out edges or draw it in. Along with it, it is possible to refine your selfie in a suitable way. 

Moreover, there is the ability to whiten any part of your face. It works great with the smile and corners of your eyes. 

It’s possible to emphasize certain areas with the detail option. You can make your accessories stand out with it. 

Of course, there is a big collection of many different filters that you can apply to your photo. It will change colors and the mood of it. 

Besides, you can add makeup, change the focus and edit properties of the picture, like brightness, contrast, grain and so on. In the end, you can crop your selfie to make the size of it fit your needs. 

Premium version 

If you need more available options you can upgrade your account. It will open access to many new tools, let you change more different parts of the image and automatically improve it. Also, you will get a lot of new filters in your library.


  • you can change your selfies in many different ways;
  • ability to alter the shape of the face and its parts;
  • it’s possible to edit all the main properties of the picture;
  • collection of filters that can be extended with the VIP account;
  • free download for Android.
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